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Hacer una diferencia con la tutoría en línea

Have you ever wanted to share your faith, disciple someone, or help guide someone closer to Jesus, but did not know how to begin? Online tutoring can be a great way to get your feet wet and start with evangelism and discipleship while you have training and supervision to help you get the job done right. “We give you training wheels for evangelism,” says Sheldon Koytk, Life Project Director at Power To Change.

The Mentor Center is an exciting strategy implemented by The Life Project to mobilize volunteers in the digital ministry. When someone finds content linked to the Mentor Center, which may be an article they found through a Google search, a video shared by a friend, a testimonial on and more, they have the ability to speak with a mentor at Send a form that is then routed to an appropriate mentor depending on the context.

The mentor who receives the communication reads what the person has to say, prays about it and responds. Through the course of their conversations, the mentor offers resources that will help the learner to move on to the next step in their spiritual journey. When possible, that journey involves connecting the apprentice with a local church (see more about his church strategy at ). Mentor-mentee relationships can last from a single message to years.

Training Wheels

The Life Project provides new mentors with training on how to read, pray, and respond to messages, as well as how to share their faith. They are given simple templates that they can use to start conversations and keep them going. “In five minutes, they become missionaries,” says Sheldon.

The first messages sent by new mentors are examined by supervisors, who give feedback to help new mentors grow. Throughout the trip, community leaders give feedback and give more training so that mentors feel more comfortable, confident and experienced.

Online mentor Priscilla says she has been “focused for a long time on putting the Word of God in the hands of others, but becoming a mentor has taken you to the next level where you are a little more in the lives of People and focusing on their needs and helping them to grow. “(Be sure to watch Priscilla’s video below on tutoring a drug addicted prostitute.)

Priscilla: Online Missionary from Power to Change on Vimeo .

Learned lessons

“One thing I’ve learned is never to assume,” says Sheldon. “We will get hostile messages where the person has no interest in God and is swearing us.” Within a week, they are praying to accept Christ, their goal is to take them to the next step, not necessarily to make them a Christian right away.


There are some ways to get involved with the Mentoring Center. If you are interested in being a mentor, fill out an application on to start the process. If you are interested in using your technological skills to bring new functionality to the Mentor Center and take your platform to the next level, take a look at this project .

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