De suicida a salvado

Desperate to stand out, competing against other college students for a job, he prepared his presentation. Suddenly his laptop crashed and all his files became unrecoverable. Kabir lost everything. Her situation went from hopeful to desperate. His job prospects disappeared. He went down a spiral of thought – “there is no point in living” – and contemplated suicide.

Somehow, in the divine moment of God, Aarav, a Christian, was participating in a Digital Outreach Day celebrated in a remote area (a predominantly Hindu and Muslim part of South Asia). Aarav was nervous, but full of faith. With terrible connectivity to the Internet, the group had leased a temporary broadband connection, relying on God to give them a bandwidth window to spread the Gospel digitally to their friends. “Lord, who do you want me to send this video to?” Aarav prayed.

Aarav sent Kabir the evangelistic video Falling Plates . Kabir watched the video, particularly hit by one of the scenes showing a drain on the laptop battery at 0%. This deeply connected with him in his time of need. Soon the scene changed and the battery charge began to increase. He made the connection that Jesus could be the hope in his life.

Aarav continued the conversation. He then used the God Tools application  to send a short presentation of the Gospel to Kabir so he could learn what it would mean to know and follow Jesus. After much on and on about a messaging application, Kabir replied, “I prayed to receive Christ!” Kabir is now involved in a Bible study with Aarav and is growing in the Lord. (He also found a better job.)

The story of Kabir and Aarav shows just one example of how the gospel can be shared in the hardest-to-reach places through digital strategies such as Falling Plates , events such as Digital Scope Day, and applications like God Tools. Stories like these excite me about the future of ministry.

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